Productivity and Time Management

How to Overcome Procrastination and Increase Productivity to Achieve Extraordinary Results

A concise and actionable guide to understanding and implementing:
  • Overcome Procrastination. Learn what it takes to defeat the number one reason for ineffectiveness and lack of productivity.
  • Understand the Laws of Productivity. Productivity has Laws which you can work with to be more effective.
  • 5 Point Productivity Plan. Easy to follow and implement to manage time and become productive instantly.

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​I was recommended this book by a friend. it's a quick read but not a quick fix! i enjoyed how the book flows and its use of dialogue and short stories of famous people who have overcome adversity. This book would work as a strong introduction into the field of self-help for a young person or as a worthy addition to one's existing library.

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What Do You Get With NEXGEN GUIDES?

Important Concepts

Important ideas brought to you in a straight forward and actionable way.

Scientific Studies

The presentation of scientific research in supporting the conclusions drawn.

Lives of Great People

The best examples, throughout history, of great men and women implementing the ideas discussed.


Anecdotes which demonstrate the concepts in the everyday lives of ordinary people.

About the Author: Asher Majeed

I'm an entrepreneur, author and personal development coach on a journey to study classical and contemporary  self-help literature to discover timeless principles of personal development.

I am currently spending my time studying; writing books; creating video courses and even producing whiteboard animations on important ideas from important books.​

Everything I learn I plan to document and make more accessible to the next generation.​

What People Are Saying

Adam verified

A good introduction to self-confidence with good practical exercises in how to develop it. I would recommend this book as an introduction to how to become self-confident and would advise the readers to practice the Affirmations and Visualization exercises that the author writes about.

Sophia verified

This book is written excellently and covers different points in a succinct and clear manner. Would definitely recommend to anyone for a short, informative and enjoyable read.

Amazon Customer verified

I am a great fan of NLP and I found it very beneficial. This guide has not only helped me to understand those very concepts, but also to apply them to my own context. I'm also making my way through your guide on 'self awareness' and looking forward to reading the other guides in the series.

Yamna verified

Really insightful and thoughtfully written, would definitely recommend!

Productivity & Time Management made simple to understand and implement.

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