Time Management Skills: The 3 Laws of Time – Are You The Slave or Master?

Time Management Skills: The 3 Laws of Time – Are You The Slave or Master?

June 12, 2017
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3 Laws of Time

3 Laws of Time

“Time will be your master or your slave; you decide.”

(Asher Majeed)

Time Management Fantasy

Growing up I was hooked on Bernard’s Watch. For my American readers (and the British ones who had a deprived childhood), Bernard’s watch was a show about a boy who had a pocket watch that could stop time.

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Imagine what you could with such an object.

On second thoughts, don’t.

Not to disappoint the criminally minded amongst you but one of the conditions of owning the watch was he couldn’t do anything illegal with it. Sorry to burst that bubble.

Anyway, it’s unfortunate such a pocket watch doesn’t exist. So short of stopping time the best we can do is manage it.

Time Management Skills are well sought after. Very rarely do you meet someone who claims there is too much time in a day. Sadly, most of us wish we had more time. Most of us wish we could do more in the time we have. The former is impossible but the latter is something we can all achieve.

But in order to best time we must first understand it. I’m not going to go into an Inception type narrative or present a theory of time that would make Even Doc Brown’s head spin.

Instead I’m going to go into 3 Laws of Time Management that will help you understand, conquer and utilise time.

Time Management Law 1: There are 24 Hours in a Day

Rather a simplistic place to begin, I know. But we need to think about this in more depth. Every person on the earth has 24 hours whether they’re the Queen of England or a humble personal development dude like myself. So everything that is achieved is done within 24 hours.

The real differential is what you choose to do in the 24 hours of every day.

Some will achieve a phenomenal amount. Some won’t.

Some will spend their time pursing their dreams. Some won’t.

Some will leave their comfort zones. Some won’t.

The fact is that you have 24 hours. It is ultimately your choice what you do with them.

You might have other responsibilities.

You might have other commitments.

You might need to put food on the table.

But at some point you will need to make a decision about going from where you are now and where you want to be.

Then, you will need to utilise the time you have to get you there. However long it takes.

Time Management Law 2: Lost Time is Never Found Again

This is a direct quote from Benjamin Franklin, he’s always a good guy to quote.

If you’re ever lost for words, just drop in a quote from Franklin – works every time.

But on a serious note, don’t delude yourself into thinking that you have all the time in the world.

You don’t.

That hits hard but the faster you realise this the more you will value time.

Deciding not to do something or delaying it without good reason, isn’t as harmless as it seems.

Circumstances change.

People who wish they had more time now, did have more time once upon a time.

They didn’t use it.

Circumstances changed.

It’s often not until we are busiest that we want to do more.

When we have all the time in the world we just chill, possibly on Netflix.

This is a paradox that we must overcome before it overcomes us.

Time Management Law 3: How You Spend Your Time Defines You

We all have an idealistic view of who we are.

I’m like a cross between David Beckham, Harvey Spector and Tupac.


But I’ll be the first to admit that probably isn’t true.

Whether we like it or not what defines us is how we spend our time.

If you’re passionate about something but you never engage with that passion at all – it no longer defines you.

You might enjoy reading but if you haven’t read a book in 5 years then you ain’t a reader.

But the thing that you spend 8 hours a day doing – guess what? It becomes to define your character. It starts to influence your character and the way you act.

In light of these three laws, this Time Management Series will be focused on helping you become more productive and make time for the things you want to do.

Stay tuned.

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